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Taurus L.H. Fund is Given Three-Year Rating of Four Stars and Overall Rating of Four Stars by Morningstar
Taurus L.H. Fund was established in September 2007, and has been operating with a great medium-and-long-term performance. As of end of March 2011, Taurus L.H. Fund showed outstanding performance with relatively low risk level in terms of various risk indicators. It has been given a Morningstar three-year rating of four stars. It has also been generating a greater return than most similar funds.
Taurus L.H. Fund holds an investment idea of long-term value investing. In terms of investment strategy, Taurus L.H. Fund sticks to the guideline that takes valuation as its core, risk control as its principle and market signal as its direction with strict risk management standards. Because of the focus on its safety margin, Taurus L.H. Fund has been operating with small fluctuation and low risk while achieving great returns.
Note: Morning Star Inc. is established in 1984 and based in Chicago. It is the only third-party institution for international capital market investment research and fund rating. The company is also the only fund rating firm who is publically traded in the world.
Morning Star’s fund rating criteria:
 Three-year term rating is in the category of time-special rating, which assesses fund's performance in three year period.
 Overall star rating is the weighted average of fund’s performance in one year, two-years and three-year period.
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