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Established in 2005, Shenzhen Mingda Capital Management Co., Ltd. (Mingda Capital) is the earliest established open-end private placement fund management company which has been operating since then in the Chinese capital market.
Mingda Capital is a professional capital management firm providing investment advisory and related services. We hold an idea of ‘proactive value investing’ that can be described as: having a prospect of industrial valuation that seeks the intrinsic value of the capital market, holding the stocks of leading companies that has an excellent performance and great potential for a relatively long-term to obtain high return from the consistent growth of the companies. Prospect of industrial valuation means we make decisions by placing ourselves in the position of the owner and the manager of a firm, shop or factory. We position ourselves as not only the shareholder but the owner and decision maker of the company we invested in. Our team is said to be one of the best research and analyst team in China. They specialized in the study of development of consumption structure and companies that provide new types of services, and they put their investment focus on companies that had established strong competitive advantage of the fore-mentioned type. At the same time, the team also consistently tracks the arbitrage opportunities that emerge from potential undervaluation of companies in Chinese financial industry.
During the Chinese bear market between 2003 and 2005, Mr. Liu Mingda held on to the idea of “proactive value investing”. After extensive and in-depth research, he created a portfolio that achieved a rate of return of 492.92% without executing any trade in the three years of its operation and astonished the industry. The Shenzhen International Trust & Investment • Mingda Equity Collective Investment Trust Fund I has excellent performance since it was introduced in November, 2005 and achieve a 33.5% compound rate of return as of October 30, 2009.
Shenzhen Mingda Capital Management Co., Ltd. has been cooperating with China Resources Shenzhen International Trust and Investment Co., Ltd. and introduced products that focus on Chinese A shares Market - Shenzhen International Trust & Investment • Mingda Equity Collective Investment Trust Fund I in November, 2005 and Shenzhen International Trust & Investment • Mingda Equity Collective Investment Trust Fund II in October, 2006. To meet the high demand from investors and the market for subsequence product, Shenzhen International Trust & Investment • Mingda Equity Collective Investment Trust Fund III was introduced in March, 2007. All the products have been earning substantial return for our investors.
In September, 2007, Mingda Capital introduced Taurus L.H. Fund which focuses on the Chinese concept stocks traded in oversea exchanges, a fund that we have been working on closely with Guotai Junan Fund Management Co., Ltd. and HSBC Bank.
Right now, Mingda Capital is coming closer to the goal of “building a high-end capital management company of the century”.
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