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By utilizing the fluctuation of the market, we invest in companies which has a great potential in future development at a market price that is lower than the company's intrinsic value and hold its stock until the company appears to be overvalued by the market, so that we can profit from the so called 'Davis Double-Killing' stable return and the super-normal profit that generated by the increase in both company's intrinsic value and its market valuation. The main strategies consist of the following aspects:

1. Choose companies that have great business record and whose growth in its main business would contribute to the net return on its asset by more than 15% (compounded) in the next 3-5 years. Buy its stock at a price that is lower than its industrial and its own historical average valuation level and then hold to gain from the increase in the stock price as a result of the company's growth. If the stock price is at a record high caused by overvaluation in the stock market, the stocks will be sold progressively and we would gain the super-normal profit that comes from the difference from the discount at buying and premium at selling.

2. When the market signals overall panic, invest in the companies who have a long-term stable performance and who are able to pay dividend consistently. By utilizing the opportunity of locking stable return at an extremely low price and hold until the stock is again overvalued,we can gain from the stable dividend as well as the increase in its valuation.

3. Discover the leading companies, who are from in the industries which have a strong seasonal effect, that are at its industrial off season and are neglected by the market. Invest in them at a very low price and wait until the recovering of the industry and growth of the company's revenue, in order to profit from the increase in stock price.

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